Antitrust Law

Given the large volume of international transactions carried out by modern enterprises, as well as the strictness of Uzbek antitrust laws, antitrust issues should be given special attention. Whether it is a company merger, a government investigation of alleged monopoly activity, or an antitrust litigation, Ashina Law Firm lawyers fully represent their clients in antitrust and competition matters, assist in choosing the right strategy, acting within the framework complicated antitrust laws and regulations.

We represent the interests of clients in the state bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan at all stages of control over merger transactions. Our lawyers have significant experience in dealing with antimonopoly authorities and obtaining their permissions for the acquisition or merger of companies, and often represent the interests of international companies carrying out their commercial activities in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In addition, we have experience in representing clients in the course of audits conducted by the antimonopoly authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as speaking in the judicial authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan on behalf of our clients during hearings on antitrust law cases, strongly defending their interests.

Ashina Law Firm's priority is to prevent antitrust issues from arising and to mitigate the risks arising from these challenging issues.