Customs Law and Foreign Trade

Ashina Law Firm lawyers represent the interests of foreign and local clients in their international and foreign economic activities, including the export and import of goods and services. We provide services in the field of pre-contract negotiations, preparation and registration of agreements, issuance of licenses, we advise on customs legislation, we help our clients to successfully import products to the Uzbek market or export them abroad.

Our lawyers are highly qualified and well versed in the preparation, negotiation and implementation of various types of agreements in the field of trade and investment, including agreements for the sale and supply of goods, agency agreements and agreements concluded with distributors, the creation of subsidiaries and joint ventures, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

We provide support to our clients and explain to them the intricacies of the complex, often changing and sometimes contradictory provisions of the regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Our lawyers work in close cooperation with the state authorities of Uzbekistan, receiving clarifications on the ambiguous provisions of Uzbek legislation. In this regard, we support our clients with sufficient confidence in many matters of legislation governing foreign trade.

At Ashina Law Firm, you will receive comprehensive advice not only on customs and trade regulations, but also on issues affecting a wide range of tax and customs law, including tax discipline, trade agreements, protection and enforcement measures in the field of intellectual property protection , Uzbek legislation on consumer protection and anti-corruption law.

Moreover, we can also assist our clients in settling disputes with Uzbek customs authorities.