Labor Law

Ashina Law Firm's legal practice in the field of labor law includes advising on almost all issues of labor law.

We provide practical advice to employers in the Republic of Uzbekistan on all aspects of labor relations, employment classification, disciplinary measures and termination of employment, compensatory measures, confidentiality issues, goodwill protection, employers' confidential information. By combining in-depth knowledge of Uzbek labor law and practical experience gained, we help managers make informed decisions, thereby reducing the potential risk for our clients.

We often conduct comprehensive audits of the employment system and internal official documents for their compliance with the requirements of Uzbek legislation. We also assist our clients in the development of employment contracts, internal procedures and policies of the employer, orders and instructions of the management, successfully represent the interests of employers in the framework of negotiations on the conclusion of collective agreements.

Ashina Law Firm lawyers have extensive experience in employment litigation involving all aspects of labor law, including illegal termination of an employment contract, improper disciplinary actions, employment contracts and compensation claims, wage and benefit disputes, enforcement of obligations on confidentiality. Our experience includes defense in class and individual claims.

Our lawyers are well versed in the intricacies of the procedure for attracting foreign citizens to work in the Republic of Uzbekistan. In addition, we provide assistance in obtaining licenses to attract foreign labor and work permits for foreign specialists in Uzbek companies.