Professional mediator services

Mediation as a tool for resolving internal disputes is widespread in world practice, as well as in Uzbekistan.

Mediation offers a less expensive alternative method of resolving conflicts for individuals and legal entities. A mediator is a professional mediator who is not part of the judicial system and is not an assistant to the judge. Citizens and legal entities themselves turn to a mediator to resolve a conflict. He, in turn, helps the parties find a solution while discussing their conflict.

Success in conflict resolution directly depends on the professionalism of the mediator, who must have knowledge of the basics of conflict management, methods of conflict resolution, and styles of managing them.

Our company and our professional mediators provide the services of a professional mediator to resolve conflict situations and disputes. You can use the services of a mediator at any stage of pre-trial dispute resolution, at the stage of judicial and enforcement proceedings.

The mediator performs the following actions:

  • organizes the negotiation process (explains the goals, rights and obligations of the parties)
  • hears each side (meetings: individual/joint)
  • explores the situation through questions rather than persuasion
  • does not advise or convey information to the other party
  • controls the mediation process (uses frame, reframing)
  • helps the parties find an alternative solution to the conflict
  • analyzes (checks) proposed solutions for reality.

The cost of mediator services depends on the category of the dispute, the stage of the conflict, and the number of parties to the conflict.